Purchased dress from Newprettywoman1 at Ioffer and i have never received it.I am left with nothing!

Rabat, Malta 2 comments
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Ioffer has no customer service.I feel that sellers like newprettywoman1, knows this and they take advantage of their customers.The seller knew that paypal will only dispute cases up to 48days so he/she claimed they needed more time to finish the dress.

I ended up buying another dress somewhere else and I am now left without money and without any help from paypal and ioffer.

This is certainly the last time I have purchased anything there!The seller now wants to refund me only half the money.

why should I pay Newprettywoman1 for something they did not deliver!Take my advice do not shop with ioffer and definitely not with newprettywoman1!!!!

Review about: Evening Dress.



Did you use a credit card or debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo when you made the purchase? If so, file a dispute with the card issuer and have them reverse the charge.

They will (probably) conduct an investigation requiring Ioffer to produce proof of shipment (a tracking number) or receipt (a signature). If they don't comply within 30 days, the money will be returned to you through the credit processor or bank. Paypal may offer a similar dispute process.

If evidence shows UPS or another carrier (except the US mail, I believe, unless the package was insured) lost the package, file a dispute with them.

Whoever is responsible for non-receipt should issue a full refund, but you need to take action to make that happen.


If the seller's not cooperating, just go to PayPal

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